The inaugural Living Landscapes Think Tank was held in Landsborough on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast on the 10th-12th of August, 2007. Below are some of the photographic highlights from the Think Tank event. 

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Paul greets participants at bus
Traditional Custodian Welcome by Tony Dalton
Looking up - stars in the sky
Jim from L.O.V.E (Live Organic Vital Energy) tells us about Organic Food
Ewen Maddock Dam
Tash takes our thinking to 2026 and beyond
Probable future presentations
Probable future presentations
Probable future Analysis
Josh comments
Scenic Amenity Exercise
Focus on teamwork - Tibrogargan
Focus on the Landscape
Frame and Focus
Wetland Landscape
What is Landscape?
Micro and Macro
Frame the Landscape
Beerwah Group
Beerburrum Group
Tibrogargan Group
Ben frames Reeds
Landscape Heritage?
Slide-Didge Learnshop
Forest Scene
Forest Path
Experiencing Regional Landscape
Sunlight through trees
Rock Amphitheatre
Attention on the detail
Touching the earth lightly
Hanging Out in the forest
Amazing Beauty - worth protecting for the future
Song-writing Learnshop
Song-writing Learnshop
Ewen Maddock Dam at dusk
Stuart and Josh Play Slide-Didge
Slide-didge by the water
Sunset Splash
Breakdance silhouette
Lighting the night
Wildlife spotting with WPSQ
Look Up, down, all around
Acoustic sng-along
Campfire sing-along
Campfire sing-along
Documentation Crew interviewing future visionaries
Documentation Crew - Linda, Rich & Alex
Canoes on the Water
Reference Maps
Bug-eyed Toshi
Steve from Office of Urban Management addresses Think Tank
Coochin Group Presents Vision Map
Coochin Group
Coochin Group
Coochin Group
Coochin Group - Wildlife Bridges - connecting Greenspace
Linking the Green
Fauna Movement vital
Beerwah Group Present
Vertical Farming, Variety of Housing
Diversity of Options
Beerwah Vision Map
Beerburrum Presents Vision Map
Ami explains relationships between balancing forces
Beerburrum Eco-City
Connecting the city with green infrastructure
Beerburrum Vision Map
Gather ‘round people, I’ll tell you a story
Elimbah Vision Map
Elimbah presents Vision
Elimbah presentation
Elimbah Group
Coonowrin Group
Coonowrin presents Vision Map
Coonowrin Presentation
Coonowrin Presentation
Fragile Balance of Connected Region
Coonowrin presents Vision Map
Focus on Tibrogargan Installation
Tibrogargan Group Presentation
Tibrogargan Group Presentation
Gather at Rock Amphitheatre
Final Presentations
The Air is Clean, It was a dream and what a scene we have created
Vision Song Performance by Tim & Kieran
“Where’s The Integration?”
Interpretative Performance
Interpretative Performance by Ryan & Anna
Steve from the Office of Urban Management gives feedback
Steve addresses Think Tank
Final Round-up
We’re all in this together!
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